Age: 10

IQ: 110

Relatives: Igor Raymond:Creator Wheatley Raymond: Grand Creator Hank Raymond: Great Creator Magritte Raymond Great Creator

Steambot Raymond is a lazy tv watching robot created by Igor Raymond. Steambot does not get why Wheatley and Igor are so obsessed with science. His favorite thing to do is sit in boling water since he is made out of a bean can and his wires and circuits are fire and water proof.

Fun Extras: 

Not all of us have water proof wires inside of us also not all of us are made of metal!

so to replicate Steambots bath:

Get the bath water as hot as you want next lean back and enjoy the soothing bath!

Also Steambot is lazy so heres how to beinge watch your fav show (Science Game)  

First get your six pack.....of soda next grab your popcorn and SG candy bar also your SG Afgan biscuits 

Now grab your softest blanket and hop on your couch crack open you sodas and turn on your show!

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