the Science Game is a organization for inventors and scientist the science game runs a show each year called science game con or SG convention


Custom cake shown in the episode: "Wheatley science"

Several merchandise products shown in the episode: "Saved by the bell part 2"

Rented venue shown in: "saved by the bell part 2"

Several custom made items shown in "saved by the bell part 2 and"wheatley science"

Fun Extras: 

at SG con in episode: "saved by the bell part 2" Wheatley purchased a SG candy bar for Igor wanna Know what it taste like? 

2 cups melted chocolate chips

2 teaspoons of crunched up sunflower seeds (make sure the shells are removed)

its as simple as:

first pour the melted chocolate onto a cooking sheet lined with parchment  (or pour small amounts to make a lot of bars)

Next add the sun flower seeds to the bar (or sprinkle the seeds  onto the small bars  ) 

Finally put into the freezer untill the bars are solid

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