Occupation: Student

Age: 14

IQ: 250

Relatives: Wheatley Raymond (Father) Magritte Raymond (Grandmother) Hank Raymond (Grandfather) Vladimir Frost (uncle) Victor Frost (Cousin)

Igor Frost Raymond

Like his father Igor is very very smart his Dad wheatley always challenges him to a game of chest while they snack on a big plate of Afghan biscuits Igor knows that his dad lets him win but every now and then Igor wins and his dad looks really surprised by it. Igor invented a robot to keep him company and to play with, the robots name is steambot. He and steambot have their differences Igor is obsessed with Science while Steambot is lazy and is obsessed with watching tv shows. Igor is very organized and can not sleep unless his pillow his nice and soft and his blankets are perfectly folded. Igor dreams of one day starting his own Science Game company.

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